12th Lux Style Awards 2013 Stars Performances!

The Lollywood-centric performances included a total of five songs performed by four Lollywood actors, along with late-night talkshow host Mathira. Mathira, Sahiba, Sana, Noor and Meera Jee lit the stage with their performances. The choice of using yesteryear’s hits such as Aaj Meera Nache Gi, Akh Lari Bado Badi, Tu Je Mere Hamesha Kol Rawain, Tere Naal Naal Wey Main Rehna, Luddi Hai Jamalo Pao for the performance was intelligent, as it encouraged the audience to sing along. The performances were entertaining and lively, especially that of dancing queen Noor but the outfits worn by these Lolly beauties were abominations. We understand that outfits for stage performers need the extra bling and drama, but these gola gunda-inspired creations were simply an eyesore.

Ahmed Ali Butt hosted the LSAs again after his performance last year. Though one expected him to strive to perform better than last year, it was quite disappointing to see that apart from three jokes and a video, everything Ahmed Ali Butt had to offer was either flat and crass or simply tacky. Also it was a sheer embarrassment to see the announcer fumbling and announcing incorrect names. Though admittedly the most entertaining part of Ahmed Butt’s performance was his rendition of Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye – very well executed and supremely funny.

Atif Aslam’s finale performance was a hit, not because of the singer himself rather because of the children dancing with him. These young dancers were by far the best performers we had seen all night and one can only wish they had come earlier to entertain the crowd. Young Aryan Aslam completely took over the stage and over-shadowed Atif’s presence. Thanks to their perfectly executed and thoroughly entertaining dance moves, the evening ended on a great note.

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