Bollywood will be very much boosted to hear the fact that they have successfully produced women in the film industry that make it into the top 10 when it comes to beautiful women. It is not something small as the list was named as being the beautiful women of the world.

Bollywood has always produced beautiful ladies but its not often we say that two of the women currently working for the industry are included in the list. The 9th spot was occupied by Priyanka Chopra who has been in the industry for a quite a while but still has what it takes to be the main face of any project.

One of the truly amazing feat was the fact that beating quite a few big names in Hollywood, Deepika Padukone came in at number 3. The beautiful actress catching the eye of many across the world proves that looks but acting can surely give you fame not only in home but all over.

All the other slots were occupied by Hollywood actresses.