30 Sentences That Can Ruin A Potential Rishta!

So you are getting married are you? Well you clearly need to make an impression that is going to an A plus in ever realm and sphere of the “rishta mode.” Whether you are a boy or a girl, the fact of the matter remains that you want to marry someone who is stable, solid, honest and of course completely faithful.

1. I work during the night
So you work during the night, well you do NOT want to make it obvious to your spouse who will be expecting a cozy co noodle every night.

2. Why hire a maid now?
Uh! Maybe because your wife is NOT your maid to begin with.

3. You have a hairy chest!
You do not want to tell your husband (or wife) that they have a hairy chest.

4. My ex looks like you.
Yeah! It’s best if you do not mention your ex at all once you decide to tie the knot.

5. I can’t make gol roties
Even if you can’t just pretend that you can.

6. Let’s talk about my alimony.
You probably should not come across as a materialistic wrench while tying the knot.

7. You can’t work after marriage.
Well you probably do not want to come across as imposing insecure fool who cannot tolerate a confident and secure wife.

8. Do you have a green card?
You do not want to seem like a materialistic leech whose sole aim in life is to get more money.

9. Dowry se business start karoong
If your aim is to get your wife’s money and begin a business with that stipulated amount then you need to rethink your priorities.

10. Is your sister/brother still single?
You do not want to come across as an opportunist who wants to kill two birds with one stone.

11. I love Sajjid Khan movies
If you want the marriage to sustain we suggest you leave out your favourite director Sajjid Khan completely out of the loop.

12. Your mom is kind of hot.
Yeah you probably do NOT want to mention how lecherous you are by eyeing your mother in law with a lecherous gaze.

13. You’re prettier in your shaadi.com images
You probably do not want to mention how you noticed that your potential bride is prettier with the help of editing as opposed to real life.

14. I prefer pills to condoms
You probably want to refrain from mentioning how active your sex life was before.

15. Tumhara Ghar kis kay namm peh hai?
No do not show your silly shallow side by asking about property.

16. Tumhare kia kia aur kahan kahan investments hain?
Are you interested in him or his pocket? Again refrain!!

17. Main thora naughty types hoon.
Even if you have a flirtatious streak, do NOT mention it.

18. Dadi ko jaldi baccha chaiye
Do not begin family planning even before the knot is tied

19. Are you a virgin?
Try not to mention this at all.

20. Shaadi ka karcha tum uthaoge
You do not want to come across as a “kanjoos” twit who is not wiling to spend on his own wedding.

21.Kya tum jeans pehanti ho?
Okay, honestly this is the 21st century not the 16th!!

22.Give me your facebook password
You don’t wanna sound like a psychopath!

23.I just quit my job
Yeah! Talk about being unreliable!

24.I want an open marriage
Yeah you are probably the only one who does!

25.What is your bank balance
Stir clear from all materialistic questions.

26.My gf/bf just called me.
We suggest you forget about your ex now!!

27. Shadi tak lose weight
Yeah bad move!

28. Don’t worry I am experienced.
Yeah no one is disputing that but do NOT mention it,

29. What’s your dad’s salary
No one wants to tell and no you DO NOT want to know

30. I hate cooking
Don’t mention it even if you can’t cook.

Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on DesiFreeTV.com