5 Most Underrated but Extremely Talented Pakistani Male Actors

Forever dazzled by the likes of mainstream heartthrobs like Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar and Imran Abbas Naqvi, it gets ridiculously simple to disregard other extremely talented actors who bring forth an array of sophisticated emotions across our television screens. We should make an active effort to appreciate all actors as equally as possible as certain talented figures just do not deserve to get undermined! Some familiar yet often forgotten faces are as follows.

Kashif Mehmood

Starting his career in 1993, Mehmood has appeared in numerous dramas on channels such as PTV, ARY and GEO, however his breakthrough role was in ‘Zaroorat’. One of his most memorable performances included the portrayal of Babar in Humayun Saeed’s ‘Moorat’. He has also displayed admirable skills in producing as well. It should be wondered why an actor who displays such talent in complicated roles should get sidelined in the face of more mainstream actors.

Azeem Sajjad

Born in Quetta and moving around often due to his father’s post in the army, Sajjad had never considered acting as a viable career option; however, he obtained a diploma in film making from the U.S after getting schooled in business and as a result, started looking towards the film industry. Acting at a youth program at the tender age of 16, he was chosen to perform in the play ‘Baat Choti Se’. Like others, he displayed a strong talent in directing as well, having directed famous shows such as ‘Apnay Apnay Rastay’ (his first directed show) and ‘Thodi Se Zindagi’ (his favorite show) in which he played an AIDS patient. Also a spiritual soul, when asked about his source of inspiration, he states ‘I derive my art from the beauties of the world that Almighty has created’.

Sohail Sameer

Born on February 19th, Sameer is considerably gifted. He was a model before his acting days which is understandable considering his handsome looks. Sameer’s first role was extremely tough; he played a eunuch in ‘Thori Se Jaga Chahiye’, a televised film on ARY productions. He has also acted in dramas such as Lahore Junction’ (PTV), ‘Kalmoohi’ (Hum TV), ‘Aankh Salamat, Andhay Log’ (ATV) and ‘Woh Subah Kab Ayegi’ (ATV). Married to actress Sofia Ahmad, Sameer is one who deserves more recognition.

Fahad Mustafa

Being an actor, producer, host, anchor and model, the 31 year old holds an impressive variety of qualities under his belt. He has acted in dramas such as Sheeshay Ka Mahal, Haal-e-Dil, Bahu Rani, Ae Dasht-e-Junoon,Masuri, Aashti, Pul Siraat and Mastana Mahi and also played memorable parts in ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ and ‘Mah-e-Meer’. Mustafa is also a judge in an ARY dance competition ‘Nachle’. So talented and so diverse, why on earth is he not better known!?

Faizan Khawaja

Born in the glorious state of Texas, the Pakistani-American actor and son of renowned producer Rashid Khawaja, is actually one of the rare, few actors who studied acting formally as well as film directing and editing. He has performed in some minor Bollywood productions as well as a number of Pakistani dramas such as ‘Ek Nayee Cinderella’, ‘Aqs’ and ‘Meri Laadli’ amongst others. The prime reason he is probably not appreciated as much as he should is probably due to the fact that he always gets cast as an angry, negative role rather than the dashing hero. However despite this, we should give him credit for his gifted acting skills for being able to pull off such roles.

It can be deduced that most actors who make the effort to play the roles of the underdogs, the shunned and the unappreciated do not seem to get the same recognition as the flashy heroes, the masculine romantics and the action stars. We must make a combined effort to appreciate all actors for the efforts they produce.

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Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed