5 Pakistani Plastic Surgeries which actually turned out GREAT!

Sometimes natural isn’t always best! We’ve seen some terrible transformations over the ages; distorted eyebrows, over puffed lips and strange nose jobs. However we cannot help but admit that some plastic surgeries in the Desi celebrity world look simply too divine for words, creating a brilliant transformation within the person. Here are some of our top plastic surgeries!

Mehwish Hayat

The stunning ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ actress, Mehwish Hayat was always a delectable beauty! But she completely transformed after her much talked about lip job! Her face truly transformed from lovely to delightfully angelic.

Sarwat Gilani

We cannot forget Sarwat Gilani in ‘Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri’. The extremely talented actress always possessed a lovely, exotic face with a nose slightly too large; however after her nose job, Gilani has transformed into a pure beauty!

Ayesha Khan

The whole world was stunned after Ayesha Khan’s prominent lip job. Jaws started dropping and eyes started popping as she made appearances with her plump new mouth! However she looks absolutely beautiful in a sensual, stunning way.

Hadiqa Kiani

With her natural grace, it may have seemed that Hadiqa Kiani would never be one to go under the knife; however when pictures emerged of her newly shaped and elegantly defined nose, we can’t help but admit she looks even more stunning.

Sana Sarfaraz

The 5 ft 7, Karachi born models most lovely feature has got to be her lips! They had a lovely shape before but now look plump, defined and purely delectable! The surgery was a great move on the models part. She also went under the knife to get a more defined and slim nose.

Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on DesiFreeTV.com