50 things about Zara Mehta, Famous Singer

1. Real Name: Zara Mehta
2. Field Name: Zara Mehta
3. Nicknames: Doll
4. Birthday: September 9th
5. Sex : Female
6.Star: Virgo
7. Grade: Pakistan
8. Occupation: Entertainer/Vocalist.
9. Nature: Down to Earth.

10. Best Quality: The ability to look different in every picture and in real life; and my Eyes
11. Worst Quality: I become Careless Quickly.
12. Hair Color: Medium Brown
13. Hair Length: Long
14. Eye Color: Dark Brown
15. Complexion: Wheatish
16. Waist: No Comment
17. Weight: Haven’t checked in a while.
18. Height: 5’6
19. Glasses: No, But i prefer Contacts.
20. Tattoos: Nope
21. Righty or Lefty: Righty
21. Your best friend: My Mother.
22. First Award: In school, Best Painting
23. First Professional Job: Never been Employed.
24. First Sport joined: Basketball
25. First pet: My Dog, Chichi.
26. First Vehicle: Honda Reborn
27. First Gift from MOTHER: Love.
28. First Gift from FATHER: Love.
29. First Hand Watch: Vintage gold Watch by Raymond Weil
30. First Real Vacation: Disney World, Florida!
31. First phone: Some Motorola flip phone.
32. First Love: Still Searching for it
33. First Album: Haven’t launched an Album yet.
34. First Single: Party Hogey Nonstop
35. Fav Pakistani Male Model: Abdullah Ijaz
36. Fav. Pakistani Female Model: Neeha Ahmed & Ayaan
37. Fav. Color: Dark Purple
38. Fav. Rapper: Immortal Technique & Eminem.
39. Fav. Band: Linkin’ Park will always be a Classic
40. Fav. DISH: Chicken Parmesan and Lasagna .. (Anything Italian )
41. Fav. Friends: I would never consider any friend a favorite, They have all been there for me in their own Capacity & they know who they are
42. Fav. Sweet: Gajar ka Halwa and Ice cream !!
43. Fav. Sport to Play: Kickball and Basketball
44. Fav. Restaurant: Tira-Misu,Veranda,Zouk. Manily it has to have good Food and Il love it
45. Fav. Brand: In Clothes ill have to say whatever i like i buy.. theres not specific brand in clothes. In Make up I love YSL !
46. Fav. Car: Audi R8
47. Fav. Bike: Don’t like bikes.
48. Fav. Animal: Dogs & Tigers
49. Fav. Personality: Gandhi
50. Fav. Place: The Bora Bora Islands