6 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors and Actresses!

Here’s a list of some of the most overrated Pakistani actors and actresses in recent times. Let us know about your list in the comments section below.

1. Faisal Qureshi

Faisal has done the quintessential chocolate boy roles to death. He is a mature adult, however, he refuse to get tired of the typical roles which refuse to let him go over 25 years of age. From Resham to Marwa Hocane who is considered the new rising star of tinsel towm, Faisal insists on being seen with every and any new comer out there.

2. Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf is a great actress but she’s kind of boring. Viewers are so bored of her being in every other drama taking painfully deep breaths while talking. Her look has always been the same and her acting too.

3. Mehwish Hayat

Yes, she looks like Nargi Fakri (or maybe not) however, off late Mehwish seems to be flyig in cloud number nine. The air she breathes in seems to be fueled with arrogance and haughtiness. Yes, she has come a long way but now her essence as an actor is loses its charm and appeal. Mehwish needs to realize that at stardom level maintaining an aloof and exclusive aura always helps, however, what does not help is coming is cheap item songs and trying to pull a “chikni chameli” kind of number.

4. Mohib Mirza

Mohib Mirza is so monotonous and very overrated. Mohib initially started off as a side actor. He used to always be the supporting actor in almost every show. Lately this guy has been getting so many leading roles, yet he can’t seem to carry any of his shows as the leading actor. In fact he makes his coactors look annoying too as the lead. Mohib is better off playing supporting roles.

5. Ayesha Khan

Many viewers find her very annoying and irritating. Her acting skills are not something to boast about. She’s good at times, but more often than that, she overacts. We don’t think she is worth the recognition/hype she gets as an actress

6. Mahira Khan

Yes, her virginal ethereal beauty is something that gets people talking but that is where her aura ends. Mahira is a pretty face and that is about it. Her acting abilities are no better than Aiswarya Rai’s or Katrins Kaif’s, however, the fact that lady luck and good genes are on her side seem to have contributed enough to take her sky rocketing on the road to stardom where she is now starring opposite none other than the King of Bollywood himself. Mahira is definitely one of the most over rated actors we have out there.

Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed