7 Naik Parveens Of Pakistani Dramas

When it comes to Pakistani dramas, it seems like every second channel holds yet another ‘Naik Parveen’; an overly innocent, simpering young lass who experiences multiple issues and problems with silence and tears. Here’s a look at some of the Naik Parveens across our television screens!

1. Rumaisa of ‘Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai’

When hearing the term ‘Naik Parveen’, Rumaisa’s tear streaked face is one the first to cross our minds! Clearly the angelic underdog when she, an underprivileged orphan girl weds a rich businessman like Nabeel; poor Rumaisa is subject to rudeness and ridicule at the hands of her new family which she blankly and robotically accepts without attempting to stand up for herself at all. Even after Nabeel’s death, she is merely handed over to the younger brother for marriage without much opinion at all.

2. Mariam of ‘Shab-e-Zindagi’

Married off at an extremely young age to Yasir who was experiencing a financial crisis at the time, Mariam experienced more than her fair share of cruelty at the hands of her new family. Unfortunately we are unable to sympathize much as her overbearing self pity and attitude of a weary martyr prevents us from connecting with her. Even when she is married to Nasir and Yasir finally returns back into the picture, Mariam decides against exiting her current marriage on the grounds that it may appear indecent.

3. Kaneez of ‘Kaneez’

This protagonist is all about giving and sacrificing to the point of no return. She is the quintessential example of a white washed Virgin Mary whose sole aim in life is to sacrifice her in every and any way possible. The story also explores the issues of women within Pakistani feudal systems.

4. Farida of ‘Digest Writer’

Farida is the typical example of a subjugated and restricted typical Pakistani girl. Ruled by her in laws her aim in life is to become a successful writer but fate clearly has something else in store for her. A spineless husband and vindictive mother in law, Farida’s dreams are crushed to the point of no return as her husband refuses to let her write stories and her mother in law constantly fuels her son against Farida.

5. Bushra of ‘Mein Bushra’

Bushra is a sacrificing girl who gives up her dreams to abate her parent’s dreams and aspirations. Bushra ends up with a vicious husband who abuses her at every instance and step. Her life seems to be one emotional roller coaster where she is the sacficial lamb who has to give up every and anything for the sake of other people’s happiness.

6. Shanno of ‘Sadkay Tumharey’

Mahira Khan in Sadkay Tumharey is the perfect good daughter who gives up her own happiness for the sake of her parents. The fact that she loves Khalil does not make her go against her parents at any cost and is willing to her happiness for the sake of her parents respect and dignity.

7. Rudaba of ‘Basher Momin’

Another simple girl who soon gets tragically orphaned is engaged to wealthy banker Buland. Rudaba is left helpless after her father’s death as she moves in with her brother and isn’t very good at standing up for herself against Tayabba. Even though we realize the eventual love story of Buland and Rudaba, the character is rendered in an uninspiring, two dimensional way and seems almost like a zombie as she predictably acts in every scene.

Pakistani dramas need to put a tangible end to these “naik parveens” and introduce a refreshing angle to these done to death concepts. They also project a terrible message to the masses; that it is correct to act this way and accept every atrocity that comes your way without attempting to stand up for yourself. A change is needed desperately.

Author: Rabia Ahmed
Published on DesiFreeTV.com