8 Things We Don’t Want To See This Year!

Here is a list of 8 things we definitely don’t want to see this year, we have had enough of it. Check it out and let us know about your list in the comments section!

1. Another Naik Parveen

Everyone is painfully tired of simpering, overly simple and sweet young girls sobbing prettily at every bump along the road please raise your hand! How tedious has it become to surf the channels, only to see a gullible, tearstained lass who cannot live without her uninspiring and often rude spouse. Rumaisa of ‘Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai’, Mariam of ‘Shab-e-Zindagi’ to ‘Kaneez’ may be some examples. Please someone bring in the strong women!

2. Another War Movie

Gore, bloodshed, pain and carnage. We have just about had enough and are severely tired of these overly violent, gruesome scenes. Even though such types of films get high funding and typically high ratings, we want something more fun! Something like Na Maloom Afraad would just about hit the spot.

3. Another 2-D Character

Either completely selfish and villainous or the subjugated victims who simply cannot stand up for themselves (hint hint, Sana Askari and Ayesha Khan), we’re heartily sick of half hearted characters and would greatly appreciate someone more relatable!

4. Another ‘Bechara Admi’

This overdramatic character unfortunately graces most of our favorite dramas. The melodramatic tale of the spineless son doing whatever his obviously ailing mother requires him to do (aka marry whoever she wishes). In ‘Ahista Ahista’ Adnan Siddiqui marries for the second time at the wish of his favorite parent. Typically second wives are portrayed as much more glamorous in comparison to the original wife; something that needs to cease on television immediately.

5. Another Second Marriage

2014 was truly the year of second marriage! Two may be company but three is definitely a crowd. It leaves an extremely negative impression on the public when the husband seeks another spouse with no sense of consequence or morality. Shows like ‘Ahista Ahista’, ‘Iqrar’, ‘Shuk’, ‘Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai’ and of course, ‘Dosri Biwi’ really need to change the record.

6. Another Morning Show Wedding

Can celebrities please stop getting married on morning shows! Sometimes, even once isn’t enough, with two or three mock weddings taking place across different channels. The sanctity of the institution of marriage seems to be getting almost mocked with this garish display, has no one learned from the Shaista Lodhi shadi fiasco!?

7. Another Media Channel War

It is extremely unprofessional (albeit entertaining) when two prominent media channels flash daggers at each other and we’re tired of getting swept up in their drama.

8. Abusing On Talk Shows

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but when politicians start spouting abuse and flinging hate speech without even a second of consideration, it is simply not on. It is inappropriate and uncomfortable and we do not want it on our television screens!

Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed