Let me tell you, not all television commercials are boring. Some are truly funny, some are thrilling and some are emotional. However, once in a while, there is a commercial that makes you go ‘What the hell was that?’

We bring you some of the most hilarious collection of bad-advertisements from India.

Check them out, we bet you won’t be able to control your laugh.

1. When you’ve found the answer to every question. Just say ‘Tapatap’.

2. Guys, if you wanna get girls, just wear cotton jeans!

3. When you’re looking for the girl of your dreams, do this and magic will happen!

4. This commercial doesn’t promote tourism or designer clothes

5. Hollywood is surely going to hire these guys for the next animated blockbuster.

6. You can’t resist but buy a sari when Manoj Tiwari tells you to so lovingly.

7. This epic twist at the end will leave you speechless!

8. Remember! Always change the bulb before changing you clothes!

Which one made you laugh the hardest?