A New Movie On Karachi From Bollywood

Director Ashish R Mohan latest comedy adventure titled “Welcome To Karachi” starring Arshad Warsi and Irfan Khan in lead roles is about how two cool adventurers find themselves in Karachi amidst the political tension.

The director says that the reason behind choosing Karachi as the location of the movie is because it’s a very dangerous place to live in.

As reported by Filmfare, Mohan says:

“Karachi when compared to any other place is considered to be the most dangerous city, but it’s the people who make the perception. Good human beings are everywhere and that’s what I would like to show through my film.”

Warsi says that he plays accident prone ex-navy man who goes to Karachi with his documents amiss. His character is that of an ex-navy man and who ends up in Karachi without any documents.

The actor-comedian further says that the movie has no intentions of finger pointing and narrates political facts in a fun way.

“It is a comedy with political facts, but they have been shown in a very light way. There is no finger-pointing. It is a very light and fun film, but the facts are real and not fabricated.”

The movie also stars some Pakistani as well as American and Bangladeshi actors and a British-born Pakistani actress, KK, will supposedly be playing the heroine.