Mor Mahal is the production of Babar Javed, depicting the concept of Imran Aslam that is written by Sarmed Sehbai & directed by Surmed Sultan Khoosat was aired and certainly showed that it is going to be a treat to watch. Introduction was given to the characters and a lot more is expected to be shown in the coming episodes.


The story is of a Nawab Asif Jahan (Umair Jaswal) making his way Mor Mahal he wins a battle. The mother Badshah Begum (Hina Bayat) orders the victorious leader to meet his new wife Meher Bano (Sonia Nazir) and asks him to give her the position of a wife. Asif Jahan is not so comfortable with this simply because this marriage is a political one. Meher Bano’s brother may have gotten her married to Asif and she realizes that she is being used as a mere commodity. The past of Meher Bano is the reason that she is not able to accept the marriage. Meher is caught in the love of (Zahid Ahmed) and cannot forget him.

Asif Jahan also has a second wife in the form of Wazir Begum (Misha Shafi) who waits for Asif but is heartbroken when she learns that he wont be meeting her due to his mother’s instructions. Wazir Begum is more likable if we talk about the popularity of her among the working people in the household. Wazir Begum is heartbroken when she learns that Asif agrees to this as she feels that nothing can come in between Asif.

The love Meher Bano has for other person is so strong that she decides to finish her life for him rather than staying in marriage. Meher Bano flees the Mahal but it remains to be seen what would happen next. Asif Jahan happens to come across Meher Bano’s Kaneez and thinks that she is her wife.

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Surraya & Akhtari were also among the characters that were brought forward. Surraya (Fiza Ali) is the first wife of Asif Jahan who will be giving birth to their first child soon. She is alone but the fact that she is going to give birth to her child is the thing that differentiates her from the rest of his wives.

Surraya knows that Asif will not be living or spending time with her and the other two wives will be getting more attention. A sort of a battle is taking place between the first two wives as they struggle to find Asif in the end.

Akhtari (Sania Saeed) was also among the characters who came in limelight, she is someone who is close to Badshah Begum & looks like Badshah Begum doesn’t do anything without her consent and advice.

The very first episode of Mor Mahal was nailed in terms of perfection. Things like cinematography, the direction, the acting, the sets, the costumes, the overall styling of all the characters & most importantly the dialogues were the best and inch perfect. The drama was able to take us back to Mughal Era which was amazing. Umair Jaswal started of with great responsibility and his acting certainly proved that he was the right choice for the job. Ali Saleem & Jana Malik (Shahista) used the limited time on screen to the best. Misha Shafi looks pretty and Hina Bayat picked up the demeanor of the mother. The direction and attention to detail is what made this episode such a treat.

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