Aamir reiterated the fact that he would never be leaving India despite the intolerant groups asking for it. The star said that India was the country of his birth and this is the exact country where he has planned to bring his life to the end so he won’t be going anywhere.


After he expressed his wife’s fears of living in India, Aamir was at the end of alot crticism from media and also the extremist groiup Shiv Sena. The group not only created a website on slapping him but also announced a prize money for anyone who slapped him.

Despite all the controversy previously, Aamir had this to say,

“Some people could understand me and some couldn’t. Those who are hurt, I can understand their feelings. I would have been hurt had I been in their place because they were told something that was not true. They were told Aamir wants to leave the country. Let me tell you that I never said this. I was born in India and I will die in India. I never thought about leaving the country. Neither Kiran (Rao, his wife) nor will I think about it. In fact, when I stay away from the country for two weeks, I get homesick.”

The actor furthermore said,

“Our country is a beautiful example of unity in diversity. Take my family for instance. My wife is Hindu. My two sisters are married to Hindus — Farhat is married to Rajeev while Nikhat to Santosh. My cousin Mansoor Khan has married a Catholic. I have three kids and they are half-Hindu and half-Muslim,” he said. “Both Kiran and I never bring our religions into the picture. I am an Indian first and always will be an Indian.”