Aamir Liaquat Will Now Host Ramadan Transmission On Express Entertainment

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, the one who mastered the art of running Ramadan ‘Bazaar’ at television screens, is now reportedly to leave Geo soon to host Ramadan Transmission at Express Entertainment.

Though the official announcement regarding this is yet to be made by either channel or the so called religious scholar, but things have been unwrapped early and the transmission would be titled ‘Ramadan Pakistan’ as per sources.

The news regarding the switching of top Geo anchors to other channels was buzzing around in the past few days, but no one was expecting this sort of a setback for Geo because Aamir Liaquat is also Vice President of Geo TV Network.

The ‘pious-entertainer’ has appealed cable operators of Pakistan to open Geo channels a few days back on Geo TV program on Shab-e-Miraj, so that the people can see such transmission in the holy month coming up.

He also said to his viewers in the same program:

“Mera or aap ka rishta kisi channel ka mohtaj nahi hai, Maa jahan b jaun aap ka or mera ye talluq qaim rehega.” (My relation with my viewers is not dependent on any particular channel, it’s your likeness, your love and will remain the same where ever I move.)