Lucky are those who find a best friend, a lover and a soulmate, luckiest are those who find all three in one. Aamna and Amit belong to this exclusive club and 24 hours after they tied the knot, we present this wedding trailer.

It’s true that the unparalleled kind of relationships, the ones that linger a lifetime are customarily rooted in friendship.There’s that moment of revelation, when you look at the other person, the one with whom you shared everything under the sky, your dreams, your fears, your chimeras, your heartaches and you know nothing will ever be the same.

The person who has always just been a friend and suddenly, the only one you can ever imagine yourself with.There are no more words. The stars begin to shine. The birds warble. The roses bloom. A friendship that is now metamorphosed into love, a love that’s always been right in front of you, that is all. You affiliated, you entranced, you dazzled each other. You reveled in your greatest victories, divulged the most fatal of your flaws. You illuminated their soul and shined on each other like the brilliance of a thousand fiery blazes.

Aamna and Amit’s wedding exemplified just that, a carousel laced with five days of magnetic magic and madness, brimming with fun and friendships that adorn the promise of forever, and laden with an overwhelming sea of absolute love and laughter that washed everyone over.

In this tide, Aamna glittered and glowed, as if something lit from within, something inextinguishable in the presence of Amit – something passionate, something as overpowering as LOVE.

n the moonlight of this infectious, glorious love we at THE WEDDING STORY invite you to witness their moments of bliss in this film titled “SHINE ON”.