Ushna Shah and Ali Safina will be seen sharing the center stage while acting for Ab Kar Meri Rafugeri which is from the novel with the same name.

#AdnanWaiQureshi in action during #AbKarMeriRafugeri shoot

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Haris Bukhari, head of the project stated:

“It is a story of two rich families who although have a lot of money, yet blindly follow the conservative norms that have existed in their families for ages.”

Veteran actress #SakinaSamo on the sets of her upcoming serial #AbKarMeriRafugeri by #iDreama Productions

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Samina Peerzada, Usman Peerzada, Sakina Samoo, Ushna Shah, Danish Raheel are among some of the names that will be seen on screen and is expected to start in January.

Project head Haris added, “People have usually seen Ushna as a naive girl who often becomes victims of others’ harsh attitudes. But this time we have shown her as a headstrong girl who steps out of the home to take decisions in her favour.”

Ali Safina, who will have a negative role for the first time said:

“I have mostly done character which are realistic and connects with audience more like Taaka or Bhagga, but it is for the first time I have done a role which has negative shade to it,” he said.

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#AliSafina on the sets of #AbKarMeriRafugeri

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BTS from the #AbKarMeriRafugeri sets!

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