Hamza Ali Abbasi, starring in the upcoming movie Jawani Phir Nai Ani, says that the script that he had was clean. The questions that were being raised against the two indecent songs that were shot were not known to him.
The movie was further explained to the fans and everyone else through his social media account and said:

“I am sure you have all seen the trailor of JPNA. So here is the deal.
1) I am proud to say that this comedy film has 100% clean humor and script with not even one indecent word/humor in it.
2) But thr r only 2 songs which in my opinion are very inappropriate and show indecent visuals.
3) I found out abt these songs much later into the shoot of the film and if i backed out, it would have caused a lot of trouble to my best friends, so i had to do it, even though i oppose such things.
4) Nobody should object to anyones personal life, but a film is public property and has an impact on society and i will always oppose indecency in others work and especially in my own projects.
5) Everyones concept of indecency is different and Censor Boards are proving to be useless to enforce any form of collective limitations on film content.
6) I did not charge anything for this film since its a labour of love for my friends. But i will only be part of promotions if these 2 songs are taken out, otherwise i will refrain from it.
7) For whatever reasons, i was part of something i oppose. And hence, as i cherish the trait of self criticism, i resigned from PTI Culture Sec office, apologized and raised a voice against it.
Your films shape up and define your cultural identiy and set your social norms. Its upto you people to decide what kind of Pakistani films you want to watch and support. The destiny of Pakistani Cinema is in your hands, BE WISE.
These are my last words on this matter. Cheers”

Waqas Tanveer

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