Actor Humayun Saeed Denies Extramarital affair Rumours

Actor-producer Humayun Saeed is caught in the rumour mill once again. He shared that he is being linked to Ushna Shah for the past few days and conjecture about his alleged affair has been on the rise.

Saeed said his opposing lobby in the entertainment industry is trying to malign his personal life by weaving baseless scandals about him. “Such rumours have been spread about me in the past as well, but now, I don’t care about such things,” he said, according to Roznama Express.

“Those who are jealous of me are busy spreading negative propaganda about me, while I am busy producing both films and television dramas,” he added. He is certain that the perpetrators will be unsuccessful in their attempt to defame him.
“My production house is considered as one of the best production houses in Pakistan. I would advise my opponents that instead of trying to destroy my personal life, they should focus on making their work better, so that they can also succeed.”

Saeed has previously been linked to his contemporaries such as actor Ayesha Khan.