Actress Meera demands 5-year visa for Pakistani artists!

Meera is unhappy by the issues currently brewing between India and Pakistan. She feels that the visa application process for citizens of both the countries — especially for artistes — should be made much easier than what it is right now. And to make sure she is heard, the actor plans to voice her opinion with a peace march next month.

“Talent should not be curbed. People, who have proved themselves globally should not be scrutinized,” says Meera, adding, “There should be separate rules for visa applications for creative artistes and even cricketers. And to take this suggestion forward, I will lead a peace march in Delhi on February 15. I hope the Indian government understands our request. We want the freedom to work in India.”

Meera plans on organizing a similar march in Mumbai as well. However, currently, she is busy gathering support for the Delhi event. “I am a presidential award-winning actor. It is the most prestigious award in the country (Pakistan), yet when I come to India, I have to pass various levels of security checks,” says Meera.

“The whole process of getting the visa renewed is very difficult. Why must artistes have to suffer because of that?” asks the actor.