Sizzling Pakistani stage actress Nargis Wednesday appeared on different TV channels and in an unanticipated announcement said that she had returned to Islam and repented from her sins.

The stage actress, who was alleged of having relationships with criminal gangs, took oath on Quran and announced to break ties with stage actors.

“I am in touch with with Maulana Tariq Jamil, famous Muslim cleric, in order to learn Islamic teachings.”

“I have started wearing scarf and will soon start taking classes in a seminary in order to become a Muslim cleric,” Nargis, famous for her sizzling dance, said.

She further refuted claims of giving money to paid killers for killing a trader named Shehzad and said that she was wrongly involved in the case.

She further added that she had relationship with Juna Butt but she was not in contact with him.