Due to a recent volatile situation in India, the stars over there have a feeling of insecurity according to local reports as said by actress and host Noor Bukhari. The film actress added that India at the time was unable to ensure the human rights which were viewed by actors over there as a serious problem.


Noor also spoke about the politics reasons behind the recent problems saying that since the day Modi came into power, extremist group have become very powerful. The extremist groups not only target minorities but also take out their anger on Muslims and in some cases end up killing them.

Talking about the nuclear power of Pakistan, the star said that since the day Pakistan came into being India always wanted to be in a submissive country. Tides changed and Pakistan emerged as a nuclear power which has in a way put India on the backfoot which is not acceptable to the Indians.

Aamir Khan was at the end of alot of criticism after he expressed his wife’s thought of moving from India. Aamir spoke out loud as some of the acts being conducted were really shocking for him and his wife. Shiv Sena also set a prize money for whosoever would slap Aamir Khan. Talking about this, Noor said that this was surely a slap on the face of Indian democracy as a person of Aamir Khan’s caliber was thinking of moving out.