Every person who seeks citizenship of another country while currently being a Pakistani, needs to acquire a renunciation of citizenship certificate from the authority. Same is the case for Adnan Sami who is seeking Indian citizenship.


However, Sami’s letter to the High Commission of Pakistan in India was rejected after being labelled as offensive. The reason being the fact that the singer used the following words:

“I don’t need the green passport anymore. I have found my home in India.”

The response to this came from a senior officer of the interior ministry who said,

“Why would we issue the certificate to a man who has no respect for ‘sacred’ documents.”

The singer has been asked to submit an apology so that his process can be initiated for the certificate. This comes after the singer was permitted by the Indian home ministry to stay despite his passport being expired.

The road seems to be dumpy before Sami finally is given the green signal for Indian citizenship from Pakistani authorities.

According to reports, 2000 Pakistanis have given up citizenship and as many as 3400 cases have been dealt with in the past 5 years.