Akshay Kumar and Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Movie ‘Baby’ Banned In Pakistan

Baby, a movie starring A- grade actors like Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher and Pakistani actor like Mikaal; has been banned in Pakistan because of terrorism being the undertone of the movie.

Anupam Kher expressed shock and genuine angst over the movie being banned in Pakistan. Baby is an issue based movie that is clearly condemning terrorism as a phenomenon and not any particularly country. However, given how Pakistan has a tendency to take everything too personally and literally, this is probably why we have failed to eliminate our fundamental issues and problems and channel all our energy towards trivial issues like censoring and banning movies.

The fact that an established Pakistani star like Mikaal was starring in the movie should have been reason enough for Pakistan’s censor board to allow Baby to be aired in Pakistan. Clearly our nation is not concerned about how regressive and pre-historic is seems to our neighboring counterpart. It’s only interest lies in the fact that it successfully manages to ban every movie that can possibly create a positive ripple in the country.

Terrorism is a phenomenon that clearly has traumatized the very fabric of our society and nation. Bollywood’s dedicated effort to make movies that can highlight the escalating issue of terrorism is a miscible drop in an ocean, however, Pakistan’s censor board is leaving no stone unturned in trying to diminish what little effort other forums and institutions are making to combat escalating issues like terrorism.
Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed