The popularity of Tahir Shah is touching heights and it seems like he has started to make more fans by each passing day.


Ali Zafar is the latest addition to the fan club of Tahir Shah and he has sung the song in his voice to give the song a new look.

Tahir Shah has been invited on various shows in order to explain the motivation behind the songs. This time around he uploaded a video in which he shared why he sang the song and how the idea of singing this song came in his mind.

“Mankind is a beautiful “Angel”. Loneliness, love, and children are the key elements in his life. Life is god’s gift, loneliness itself is a lesson, Love is heaven and children are “Angels”. These three aspects all have the same meaning that humans should spread love, in loneliness express love then for their children and the world. Since “Angel” like love truly is life’s actual meaning and beauty with this in mind I created the poetry and wrote this song “Angel”.

Tahir Shah said himself that he does what he likes and does not care about what people think about him. Well the singer goes by the principle that people can hate him or love him for what he does so he should keep doing what he likes.

There are a lot of different reactions to the song that he sang and some went on saying that they should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for listening to the song that he sang. Some big celebrities like Emma Watson, Karan Talwar and Twinkle Khanna have shown their reaction through twitter.

People from all over the world have reacted to the song and said that they feel for those people who listened to the song. Well one thing he has taught us is that do what you like no matter what they think of you and no matter how bad you are at it.

Ali Zafar Pays Tribute To Taher Shah’s Angel

Credits: Credits: Tahir Shah, Ali Zafar