Ali Zafar Beats All and Comes Number One for Brand Modeling

Ali Zafar is no small name when it comes to singing and acting. This time the Lollywood and Bollywood actor has beaten all odds and has come out as number one for “Brand Modeling.” Even though Modeling companies in Pakistan have been getting a lot of flak for using Pakistani crossover film artists especially the ones who come back from India, Ali Zafar has still beaten all odds and has come on the top for brand ambassador modeling.

Ali Zafar who had stopped a lot of modeling work in Pakistan since he had too much going on in Bollywood, started accepting some work just recently. Sources have said that Zafar spent 21 hours on a shoot in “Eastern Studio Karachi,” for a campaign. Sources have also confirmed that Zafar has got more offers of brand modeling from both India and Pakistan.