Ali Zafar suffering from severe food poisoning in India

Ali Zafar, a successful actor and a singer has been admitted in the hospital after the diagnosis of food poisoning.

According to the sources, Ali Zafar has been scheduled for trips in different countries regarding the promotion of his new upcoming film ‘Total Siyappa’, where unwillingly he was compelled to eat the food available on shooting set and different restaurants, due to which he was diagnosed with severe food poisoning and was taken to the hospital immediately.

Ali Zafar has been advised for complete bed rest by his doctors, whereas the producers and directors of the film are in a great depression because they had to cancel off all the scheduled plans and activities after they got to know about Ali Zafar’s sickness.

It is pertinent to know that Ali Zafar’s new film ‘Total Siyappa’ has been completed and currently was in promotion phase, whereas the release date of film is March 7.

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