Amanat Ali recording a song with the rejected contestant of PakistanIdol Maria Meer

The talented female singer from Faisalabad, Maria Meer, has announced that she has decided to come forward as a professional singer.

After the appreciation and encouragement from the social media campaign led by famous intellectual Raza Ali Abidi, Maria Meer has been contacted by many people and producers which has turned her in a celebrity in making. The first step of her journey to success is her featuring in Amanat Ali’s upcoming album (Aas) song “Naina Lagay”.

According to the updates, she will be doing her first ever professional vocal dub with Amanat Ali tomorrow and soon she will be in media.

It is interesting to note that Maria has become a success before all the people who have been selected for the initial rounds of Pakistan idol.

It should be mentioned here that she was rejected last week but soon after her rejection, famous Writer, Journalist and Intellectual Raza Ali Abidi protested about the incident on facebook. In his comments he wrote that the treatment with this singer was not right and some other channel should so a special show with this singer.

His idea gained popularity soon and now many people started talking about Maria on social media and then a few producers were able to find her and now she has signed her first contract as a professional singer.
Source Pakistan Tribe