Amir Liaquat Fake degree allegations: Amir Liaquat got furious while talking to Ary News

As the news was circulating on Social Media, famous religious scholar Amir Liaquat and his wife have got their degrees from Axact, a software house which was issuing the fake degrees all across the globe. The news was reported as the FIA raided on Axact’s Karachi office and and seized company’s main server, the private TV channel revealed that the fake company has also provided fake degrees to the famous anchor.

The news got viral within no time,as Amir Liaqat has millions of followers around the world.

According to the allegations raised, Amir Liaquat was given degree of Bachelors and Masters in History from Ashword University and his wife Bushra Liaquat got his MBBS degree from Belford University in Medicines.

Amir Liaquat Hussain while talking to Ary News on the current scenario, got furious and said that you should think before breaking this news, as you are breaking it without any evidence. He further said that I have no need to get degrees from the universities raised in allegations, he told that he have got his Masters from Urdu University in Islamic History.

Amir Liaquat talking about his wife, told that she has an excellent educational record and also told that she is right now doing PhD from Karachi University.

He further, said that he was not expecting this from a channel, in which he has worked before.

At the end famous TV host warned Ary News, to remove this news or I will sue you.

Video: Amir Liaquat got furious while talking to Ary News

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Video Courtesy Geo TV