Anam Ahmad and Gohar Mumtaz are among the few celebrities in Pakistan who have proved to successful couples not only personally but also professionally. With the looks that they possess, they have been able to carve their way in hearts of many but their talents makes it all the more exciting.

As the special Valentines Day just they gave an interview, lets see what they had to say:

Upcoming Plans?

Anam Ahmad: I’ve just signed my second drama serial for Hum TV. I can’t reveal anything as yet but, my character is a girl from a middle-class family. I’m really looking forward to shooting that next month, and of course my first serial to go on air later this month.

Gohar Mumtaz: I just completed a serial for Hum called Neelam Kinaray. Which is currently on air. And as you know, I just shot another serial called Kathputli. It’s an MD Productions serial, directed by Fahim Burney and produced by Momina Duraid.

We’re also working on Jal’s new music video. Our plan is to now work on quality music once a year and present something that wouldn’t disappoint our fans.

How was it when both of you worked on Kathputli?

Anam Ahmad: It was great fun, as my co-actors, including Gohar, and the crew were very supportive and helpful. The experience was overall great as I think the environment on sets teaches you a lot.

Gohar Mumtaz: It was fun, quite easy in a way. It was basically the channel’s choice to bring both of us together. They thought that the real life chemistry would be seen in the reel life. Offers for the both of us were coming in for a long time, but we were just looking for the right, classy, interesting script. And something really clicked with us. And since I started my career with Fahim, I had complete trust in him. So, it was a wonderful experience, it was full of laughter and memorable moments.

Difference between modelling and acting?

Anam Ahmad: I got to work with some really amazing people back in the day, such as Guddu Shani, Frieha Altaf, Tariq Amin – and they really gave me a lot. But it was something that I did when I was very young, I was literally in school. So modelling was just for my pocket money. As a model you don’t have to do much I believe, whereas an actress needs to mould herself, and it basically outshines your personality. Modelling doesn’t do that, it’s all about the looks – which really gets shallow at times!

Gohar Mumtaz: I think the relationship between the band members is very important. And we still meet (Atif and Farhan), as I said there are never any grudges. All over the world, there are lots of bands which split up and part ways – it’s very normal. The only reason Jal is still going on, are its fans. They are very attached to us and keep looking forward to new music. I could have easily gone solo or become a full-time actor, but Jal is love! It’s not a money-making machine, it’s all about passion. And I can assure everybody that the fun one has working in a band can just not be described. And with everything that it had to face, people still accept it because they know Gohar is here to stay!

How did you meet each other and what one quality do you think attracted you?

Anam Ahmad: We initially met through common friends at a gt in Islamabad. Later on, we didn’t plan anything. It was meant to be I believe. Gohar is a very down to earth, humble, and giving person, and I think not many have that quality in them; especially when you’ve achieve so much in life.

Gohar Mumtaz: That’s a one billion dollar question (laughs). Anam is basically a beautiful person inside out. And when I first met her, I was dying to know that girl. I think I’m really lucky to have her.

Celebration on Valentine’s Day?

Anam Ahmad: I don’t really believe in Valentines Day. I think love should be celebrated the whole year long, but we definitely need a vacation (laughs).

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Role in the drama serial?

Anam Ahmad: As I said preciously, personality for an actress is really important. You need to be confident in your own skin and give your best. As far as my character is concerned, I could really relate to her. Since she’s a very headstrong, brave, and has a very generous soul. She’s somebody who goes through a lot of obstacles, but never gives up. She basically fights for what she wants in life!

Gohar Mumtaz: My character basically goes through different hardships. The story and the characters – all revolve around the message of moving on. Initially he’s a very fun loving, romantic and a typical boy-next door. But as the drama proceeds, there are many twists and turns, due to which he completely changes!


Anam Ahmad: Nobody really inspires me. But probably my husband, he’s somebody who achieved everything on his own.

Gohar Mumtaz: A lot of people, I think Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab really inspired me. I read his biography somewhere and I got to know that people used to tell him that he can’t sing, and look at his style and the way he performed! And I recently watched a movie on Steve Jobs, he is again a very inspiring person! When I was a kid, I used to adore Michael Jackson. So, overall people who are self-made really inspire me.

The biggest regret?

Anam Ahmad: I think not being able to complete my studies. I think I’ll continue them side by side. I truly believe that the whole experience of education can give one a lot!

Gohar Mumtaz: I honestly don’t have any. I’ve had wonderful experiences with everybody, in every field that I’ve been associate to. You do miss things, but it’s all about overcoming! I don’t hold any grudges, I don’t hold anything against anyone. I’m a very optimistic and a very positive person. For instance, we started Jal with a one thousand rupees guitar and all our parents wanted us to continue our studies abroad. But I always follow my instincts and I wanted to pursue music! Up and downs are always there, but you need to be a believer in God and just follow your heart.

Any plans with films?

Anam Ahmad: I started getting offers when I was in my A Levels. Nina Kashif was very fond of me, and she really wanted me to do Bin Roye (Armeena Khan’s character). And at that point of time, I wasn’t really interested in acting. Secondly I was offered Hamza Abbasi’s Kambakht, but there weren’t any producers back than. The whole film criteria was different! Now there’s a film I’ve been approached for, it’s an action packed romantic film. But I don’t want to disclose anything further until things are materialised.

Gohar Mumtaz: Of course, acting is something you have to learn and film is the ultimate medium for it. So I’ve given five years to acting and I think I’m looking into the right project now. And I think there will be a music revival through films as well! I have been offered a lot of films, including Tamanna and the upcoming film on Shakespeare called Rehm. But I’d like to make a very commercial debut, a guy who can play with romance, comedy, and action. I think humour comes naturally to me, so I’d like to try something like that. My second film can be an art film, to prove my skills, but I think I’ll have to be very careful about my debut. Look at Johnny Depp or Irfan Khan for instance. But hats off to everybody who’s making an effort, four years back people were actually scared of investing in a film!

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So how would you describe yourself?

Anam Ahmad: I’m very humble, hardworking, a bit rebellious, and extremely competitive, be it anything!

Gohar Mumtaz: I’m a very normal hardworking guy! And somebody who does quality work. And my definition for that is a combination of focus and learning with every experience. I just want to be in my creative zone!

Ending note for readers?

Anam Ahmad: Be righteous, be strong, and just learn to move forward in life!

Gohar Mumtaz: Do what your heart tells you to do and stay away from negativity. Think positive and just believe!

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