Kapoor and Sons is a movie staring some of the young talent in India as well as the best of Pakistan as well.

We have seen the star cast of the movie Fawad Khan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra working hard for the promotion of the movie.

However, this time things out to be ugly as Fawad walked off an interview.

During an interview to MTV Alia Bhatt said, “One will only get intimidated if you’re trying to prove a point or trying to do better or you’re feeling insecure.”

Fawad immediately reacted to this statement by the Bhatt gal who looked surprised when the actor butted in to say, “Did you just completely turned my statement around and throw it at my face?” Alia was clueless and quizzed Fawad back, “Which?”.

Fawad looked visibly miffed and hurt, he said,

“That Intimidated waali baat. If you’re intimidated then it means you are insecure and you’re a poor actor.”

Alia defended herself and added,

“No I didn’t mean that.” Of course the petite actress tried hard to justify her statement, but ended up making it worse for the sexy hunk. Fawad then walked out of the set up and declared, “End of interview!”

Watch video to see what the reason was?

Courtesy:Bollywood NOW