Seems like publications are bit obsessed with the marriages and divorces of the celebrities. The latest buzz generating is regarding Annie Khalid Divorce , who got married to Malik Noureed Awan a couple of months ago.

Earlier, it was reported that Annie left her husband on honeymoon alone after having a trouble or quarrel on the issue of working in the music industry of Pakistan.

“The reason behind the split up is due to her husband’s unacceptability of giving his wife a free hand to carry on as a media celebrity, shows her self in live shows”. But this news is not true. Annie Khalid manager Fasial Talk with PMR team and said that every thing is ok nothing happened such these.

He also said that we should sue that news paper. Annie Khalid wedding was performed to a Dubai based businessman, Malik Noureed Awan after Eid-ul-Fitar, where police raided.

After marriage the couple went outside Pakistan for honeymoon. Faisal told media that they have asked the newspaper to publish an appology otherwise they will take a strong action against them. “The divorce rumors are baseless and we have made up mind to file a law suit against the newspaper if they don’t make a public apology” Faisal said.

Pakistani pop singer, Annie Khalid the super Mahiya girl should manage her relation with her husband, as the anchors and people related to showbiz are facing the marriage problems due to their career. Currently Annie is doing her routine tasks as she running her studio. She is also planning a news video will be directed by Asad-ul-Haq.