Annie Khalid’s Ex Husband Malik Noureed’s Second Marriage Broke As well. Former Actress Sataesh khan got divorced from Malik Noureed awan! Malik Noureed was ex-husband of Ainne Khalid and reportedly he has ruined the lives of more then 15 girls.
According to Satesh Khan Malik Noureed is threatening Sataesh khan and her family the same way he did with Ainne khalid. Malik Noured Awan is also reportedly involved in MMA forex scandal.

Have a look at Sataesh khan’s recent status on her Facebook page !

My marriage is almost over. The news is true. Noureed along with his brothers Eshtiaq awan and Oneeb awan threatened to kill me and my family. We are appealing from the Govt to provide us protection. We have faith in Allah Azzawajal, If I have exposed it onthe media, I will speak with evidences. Keep me and my family in special Dua’s.

Satesh Khan speaks about her divorce with Malik Noureed: