Watch Annie Khalid’s New Single ‘Tharki Sala’ Official Video

The song starts with Annie, in a sleek secretary-chic outfit acting all coy. She glances into the camera shyly tryling to look sharmeeli and hot and failing at both. The lyrics kick in full of all those phrases that we have heard so many times.

First her heart beats fater when he looks at her then she warns ‘Jaa re jaa dekhay hain bohut tujh jeisay mujh ko na yun pata’ and the ABSOLUTE winner ‘main to hoon sola baras ki mujh ko na sataa’.

Then she whips off her sensible glasses, rips open her shirt, kicks a chair and boom…she’s a hottie.

Dressed in over-sized construction overalls and surrounded by a group of shifty men who are closing in on her Annie busts her moves. She pushes the men away for being too tharki but then spends the entire video gyrating in a mid-riff baring outfit. She plays up to the male fantasy while telling him he needs to step away. The song is all very “Honey Singh” Style.

Disclaimer: Source Official Channel Video