Ranveer Singh is one of the emerging and yet established stars in Bollywood who has given some big movies to the industry. Ranveer revealed that his grandparents belonged from Karachi and he wanted to visit the city to have a live experience.


Ranveer while talking in Pakistan through video link revealed that he visited when he was a student and now he wanted to see and visit the city again. The reason behind the video link was for the promotion of the movie Bajirao Mastani at a college.

“I share a close association with Karachi because my grandparents belonged to the city,” he said.

“But now I have heard that the cities have changed a lot. Some of my relatives are still living in Karachi plus I have a lot of friends in Islamabad and Rawalpindi who keep me updated. Ali Zafar is a great friend who has invited me to Lahore on numerous occasions, sending me pictures of his beautiful house.”

Talking about movie which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bansali, the actor said

“The role is very powerful but the message of the film plays on emotions. Sanjay spent a lot of money on the project and paid special attention to every detail, people will remember my role for a long period of time. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a very committed filmmaker and I learnt a lot from him.”

Deepika was also present during the promotion event and said the movie was full of entertainment and that the fans would love it.

She said “They will whistle and clap in every scene.”