New Drama Serial ‘Ishq Parast’ Coming Soon!

Produced by Big Bang Entertainment the drama has been written by Mohsin Ali and directed by Badar Mehmood for ARY Digital. The lead couple of Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi, Syed Jibran and Armeena Rana Khan are returning with IshqParast on your TV screens soon the cast includes Arij Fatyma and Ahmed Ali as well. Ishq Parast a new drama coming soon featuring Arij fatyma, Jibran Syed, Ahmed Ali, Armeena Rana Khan, Arij Fatyma and many others.

The drama has created a lot of hype due to Armeena’s and Jibran’s chemistry in their previous drama MANH on Hum TV. Armeena has gained a lot of popularity due to her angelic beauty and soft disposition in her recent dramas. This drama seems to have the X factor and it seems like it will give Mein Bushra Mawra Hoccane’s drama a run for its money on ARY TV.

Armeena is definitely a star to look out for in the recent future and the fact that she is doing another Big Bang Entertainment on ARY with Jibran seems to be a conscious and constructive move in the realm of acting.

IshqParast is creating a lot of hype in the industry and people and critics are eagerly waiting to see if this drama will be the much needed break through that is so desperately needed by our drama industry. Jibran is a veteran who has re-created his mark in Chup Raho, however, seeing him in a romantic avatar has fans and critics waiting with abated breaths. Ishq Parast is definitely tuning in more people on ARY TV and is leaving fans breathless with their excellent promos and advertisements.

Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on