It has been two long years since, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were working together to live in a relationship. However, in an air of breakups in Bollywood these two have also finally called it off after a lot of news were discussing them and their troublesome relationship.

“All rumours about Virat trying to woo Anushka back are hogwash. He unfollowed her on Twitter and Instagram and then, uploaded, deleted and reuploaded a photograph of himself, originally captioned, ‘Heartbroken’,” this is what a source said.

The source regarding the aim of the relationship said,

“Virat proposed marriage around New Year’s Eve. Anushka rejected it, categorically stating that it would be better for them to focus on their careers instead. They are both young and have a long journey ahead of them.”

Another reason as it is being said is that Virat was on break and had plans for the 14 of February. On the other hand, Anushka did not respond to this and is busy during the time and has a lot on her plate which meant she could not be alongside Virat. During an Indian actor’s birthday recently, Virat was reportedly happy and witnessed saying “I’m single, let’s dance.”

Anushka has been working on her current project Sultan and has a lot more work due during the course of the year. The breakup seems to happen all of a sudden because just a few months ago she was witnessed saying the following.

“I am in a relationship with Virat and he wants me to come and watch him play and I want to watch him. Why the hell am I going to listen to anyone else? We are the same people actually, except that I don’t have that kind of aggression. He is emotionally driven, I am chilled out, and we both don’t want to become pawns.”

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