Arij Fatyma is without any doubt among the talented and versatile actresses in the industry. The actress took some time to make a name and was on a slow start. But once she made the start she has been on a high. Not only working in dramas like Meri Beti, Ishq Parast, Tum Mere Paas Raho but also many others.

She recently gave an interview to HIP, lets she what she had to say:

First of all tell me a bit about what you’re currently up to.

I’m looking into a couple of of movies. I’m also shooting for a drama serial with Sameena Peerzada and Faysal Quraishi. Besides that I completed shooting for two drama serials which will be airing soon on ARY.

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Speaking of films, what’s you’re ideal character?

It has to be something decent, which would highlight our culture or our social problems. I’m not an item girl and I look forward to a role where I have the margin for performance and a challenge as an actress.

Which project and co-star of yours has been a personal favourite?

Honestly, I like people in general, so there are never any favourites. But I do have two very memorable projects; Meri Beti and Ishq Parast. The characters were very difficult to play, the plots were out of the ordinary, and my co-actors were great to be around as well. The drama serial that I’m currently doing with Faysal, also sees me portraying a character similar to the one I played in Ishq Parast. It’s just a a bit desi, which again made it a challenge for me. So, that’s surely something to look forward to.

Tell me a bit about how you got into the field; was it always a dream career?

I actually came to Pakistan to work with NGOs. I didn’t expect Pakistan to be so depressing and that effected me a lot. Then I thought of getting my creative side up, so I was doing the concept for a shoot when the designer offered me to model. That led me to a Stoneage campaign and then a drama serial. Interestingly enough, it all happened within a week. I am basically a physiologist and I still can’t believe I can act when I see myself on tv (laughs).


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What do you think has been your biggest regret?

In my professional as well as personal life, I listened to a lot of advices and followed them. I basically trust people very easily, so I am working on it now.

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?

I’m very loyal, dedicated, optimistic, chirpy, and talkative (laughs).

Amongst all the characters that you’ve done, which one do you personally relate to?

Arsala from Ishq Parast because I used to be very immature, but with somethings that happened in my life brought a drastic change in me, just like Arsala. Also Iraj from Meri Beti as my grandma raised me.

Is working internationally in the cards for you?

I’m basically from Florida. My family (parents) is there, hence I’ll have to move back eventually. But I’ll surely do something there.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I’ll be the Mother Teresa of Pakistan (laughs)!

What would be your message for all the HIP readers?

I would say that I look into all the comments and feedbacks. I hope I never disappoint my fans, so keep supporting, as I work only for my audience. Also I’d say that complete your education and showbiz is not a bad field for a child to enter.