Armaan Kohli ATTACKED with TOMATOES at Bigg Boss 7 House – Watch Now!

Bigg Boss 7 contestant Armaan Kohli was attacked with tomatoes by some women from Rashtrawadi Congress party. These women were seen protesting outside Bigg Boss house in Lonavla, Mumbai.

They were not letting Armaan Kohli’s car in the Bigg Boss house. Armaan Kohli’s father Raj Kumar Kohli was also seen following Armaan’s car.

Armaan Kohli was arrested for assaulating Sofia Hayat in the Bigg Boss house has been grated bail. Lonavala Police station has granted bail to the actor. He was arrested last night from the Bigg Boss house.

He was arrested by a 5 member team of cops at Lonavla at 10.45 pm after long investigation of CCTV footage of the contestants.