Ashen Streets New Pakistani Film Starring Saba Qamar – Watch Trailer!

Ashen Streets is a contemporary adaptation of the poetic work “Shikwa” written by Dr Iqbal. Inspired by metaphoric meaning of the poem, writer and Director Khurram Adnan, has created a visually stimulating and thought provoking piece of work that has resonance to any community.

With moving performances from an imposing Imran Arooj and a captivating Saba Qamar in the lead roles, and the adorable child actors Yayha and Dhaniya, the movie has a musical score by Naweed Ali Naushad, the cinematography of Shah Rukh Shah and the visual magic of editor Emaad Khalid, adding life to the voice of DR Iqbal is the legend of method acting in Pakistan, Firdous Jamal.

The entire production crew has meticulously devoted much time and effort to create a piece of cinema that can achieve credibility on an international stage. We hope viewers who see this film can appreciate the creative goals we tried to achieve.