Aww! For her bff Azfar Rehman’s birthday, Ayesha Omar shared some incredibly cute sentiments with her 69.8 K Instagram followers.

The 33-year-old gave fans a glimpse of her happiness as she celebrated Azfar’s birthday with a tender message on Instagram. Azfar Rehman turned the big 31 on June 7th. Taking to her Instagram account Ayesha posted a few collage pictures, their personal pictures along with a very sweet message to Azfar.

This is what she posted:

Happy Birthday to one of those who I love beyond words, and who I know will always love and support me, unconditionally! We’ve travelled the world together, worked in countless projects together, seen each other through the worst and best of times, urged each other to carry on in the bleakest of moments, shared our joys and successes with each other, defended each other in situations unknown to one another and so muchhhhh more! The list is endless. You’ll always be my biggest confidant and the first person I turn to for advice and approval! I know you’ll always give it to me straight, make me snap out of it, remind me of who I really am, jolt me back to reality, slap the truth in my face and help me deal with it! Your presence will always brighten up my day and my mood, however dark it may be and you’ll always make me laugh out loud when inside I feel like crying. I know all this is cheesy as hell and a few must be throwing up by now, but who cares!!!! Hoping this year is your bestest yet, full of happiness, success and more laughs! Wish there were more like you. Heres to a lifetime of many more fun, crazy, happy times! @azfu #bestie

We wish Azfar Rehman a very Happy Birthday!!