Now days its quite common to see that public figures specially celebrities abstain from uploading pictures and statuses on social media. The reason being the fact that people do not think before they comment on their pictures and updates.

The public figures who have emotions and want to update people have shown great deal of displeasure at the offensive remarks of people.

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Ayeza Khan told during an interview that she is quite active on her facebook page. She not only uploads her pictures but also her daughter’s pictures and reads all the comments. Even though she is said to be very candid yet people still find a way to judge whatever she posts on the social media page.

Although the actress did not give the usual response which is mostly expected of celebrities she expressed her concerns over the issue through a status on facebook.

Ayeza had this to say in that facebook status:

‘When u write any status or post any picture it actually means you are allowing people to start a debate! No matter what you do they will judge you and criticise you but yes there are people who will love you and appreciate you no matter what you do!
Be confident and be Yourself!’

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