Ayyan laundering money for politicians since 2011

The interrogation of supermodel Ayyan in a money laundering case has led investigators to an intricate nexus between the country’s fashion industry and political heavyweights.

The model has made stunning disclosures during her interrogation, naming several politicians and businessmen who used her services to stash cash abroad, according to officials attached with the investigation of this case, which is likely to be referred to a special team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Background discussions and interviews with the supermodel’s family and friends reveal she has admitted to taking money abroad since 2011. Despite several attempts, the people named by Ayyan during interrogation did not respond.

The model-cum-singer was arrested on March 14 at the Islamabad airport for allegedly trying to board a plane to Dubai with $500,000 in her baggage. Passengers are not allowed to carry more than $10,000 out of the country. She was later charged with money laundering and sent to jail on remand.

Before her arrest, Ayyan had been travelling frequently to Europe and the UAE where she was said to be pursuing a career in music and modelling. She has not participated in the domestic fashion scene since last April.

After a modelling show in Karachi in March 2014, investigators say, she traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and extensively in Europe, including London, Germany, Romania, Italy and France.