Pakistan Squad: 1 Mohammad Hafeez, 2 Sharjeel Khan, 3 Shoaib Malik, 4 Umar Akmal, 5 Imad Wasim, 6 Shahid Afridi (capt), 7 Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), 8 Wahab Riaz, 9 Mohammad Sami, 10 Mohammad Amir, 11 Mohammad Irfan

Bangladesh Squad: 1 Tamim Iqbal, 2 Soumya Sarkar, 3 Sabbir Rahman, 4 Mushfiqur Rahim, 5 Shakib Al Hasan, 6 Mahmudullah, 7 Nurul Hasan (wk), 8 Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), 9 Al-Amin Hossain, 10 Abu Hider, 11 Taskin Ahmed

Bangladesh thrash Pakistan Asia Cup 2016 Match Report by IANS

Courtesy: IANS

Pakistan 1st Innings

1.1 Al-Amin to Manzoor, out Caught by Rahim!! Big, big wicket and Manzoor has to walk back. It was a great delivery and Manzoor had no answer to it. Kept it on a back of a length and got the ball to rise too much, Manzoor wanted to play at it but decided to drop his gloves at the last moment, got too late and edged it off the splice into the hands of the keeper. The keeper went for a big appeal and the bowler joined in, umpire took his time and raised his finger to send Manzoor back. The umpires check for a no-ball for Al-Amin’s front foot was fine. Manzoor c Rahim b Al-Amin 1(7) 1/1

3.5 A Sunny to Sharjeel Khan, out Bowled!! Bringing a spinner early on in the innings has done the trick for Bangladesh. Not a great delivery to get the wicket but poor shot selection from Sharjeel means that he has to walk back to the hutch. Tossed up delivery and Sharjeel slogged across the line, missed it completely and it crashed onto the middle stump. Pakistan in a bit of pickle now. Sharjeel Khan b A Sunny 10(8) [4s-1 6s-1] 12/2

4.5 Mortaza to Hafeez, out Lbw!! The Professor departs! Pakistan in big, big trouble. He cannot believe he has been given out. Hafeez wears a wry smile as he walks back. Was it too high? Looked so. But the umpire does not think so, the ball came in a lot and Hafeez was caught in the crease as he tried to tuck it into the on-side, missed it and the umpire’s finger sinks his hopes. Replays show it was going over, so another poor decision in this tournament. Hafeez was struck on the back thigh and had a wry smile on his face when the umpire raised the finger. No dissent shown and that is good to see. Hafeez lbw b Mortaza 2(11) 18/3

8.2 Taskin Ahmed to U Akmal, out Caught by Shakib!! AKMAL GOES! There was no need for this shot at this moment. Akmal comes down the track and makes room while doing so, throws the kitchen sink at it, slices it and the ball flies high towards sweeper cover, the fielder settled under it and did not make a mistake. Pakistan are 4 down and they have not even put 30 on the board yet. U Akmal c Shakib b Taskin Ahmed 4(11) 28/4

16.4 A Sunny to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by S Rahman!! Sunny shifts to over the wicket for this delivery and straightaway gets the desired outcome. Floated it up just outside off and Malik fetches the slog-sweep from there. Ekes out a thick top-edge and Sabbir Rahman settles under a sitter at deep mid-wicket. He lost his shape a bit as he was playing across the line and Sabbir Rahman’s catch was a smart one. Had to wait for the ball and remember it was coming right under the dark sky. Shoaib Malik c S Rahman b A Sunny 41(30) [4s-5 6s-1] 98/5

17.3 Al-Amin to Afridi, out Caught by S Rahman!! Second ball duck for Shahid Afridi. It was a full toss again and guess where Afridi smashed it. Straight into the safe mitts of Sabbir Rahman at deep mid-wicket. Muscled it powerfully but it was hit high on the bat. Sabbir accepts it gleefully and has his hands aloft in delight. Afridi c S Rahman b Al-Amin 0(2) 102/6

20 Al-Amin to Anwar Ali, out Caught by S Rahman!! Just like many of his colleagues, Anwar Ali hits a full toss straight to the fielder. It was outside off and Anwar Ali went deep inside the crease, had a big mow at it and Sabbir Rahman has been kept busy there all day. Right under his throat and it was his third catch of the match. Good to see some fight from Pakistan in the last 10 overs. REMUMNDER: Bangladesh have lost all their previous 3 T20 games chasing. Anwar Ali c S Rahman b Al-Amin 13(9) [4s-1] 129/7

Bangladesh 2nd Innings

1.4 Irfan to Tamim, out Lbw!! And the crowd is on sleeping pills again. Fullish delivery that nips in, Tamim was caught in the crease looking to tuck it round the corner, gets hit on the pad. A formal appeal and that was potentially going onto to peg the stumps back. That was hitting the middle, says HawkEye. Tamim lbw b Irfan 7(4) [6s-1] 13/1

8.1 Afridi to S Rahman, out Bowled!! And Afridi stands with his legs apart and his arms stretched wide. The quicker googly on the stumps, 101ks. Pitches and skids off at pace. Rahman was amidst his dance out of the crease, is beaten on the inside edge and the ball sneaks through the bat-pad gap to take the middle-leg bail. S Rahman b Afridi 14(15) [4s-1] 46/2

13.2 Amir to Soumya Sarkar, out Bowled!! Kaboom! There’s a Mohammad Amir special. Runs in and cannons one into the blockhole to go right through Sarkar’s defences. Thoroughly beaten for pace and didn’t get the bat down in time. The leg-stump is planted on the turf wearing the face of a boxer with a black eye. Amir swings his arms in delight and Pakistan are still alive here. Soumya Sarkar b Amir 48(48) [4s-5 6s-1] 83/3

14.2 Shoaib Malik to Rahim, out Lbw!! “Huh?” That’s not just my reaction. The whole Shere Bangla concurs with me. How can that be out? How? Fired in from round the wicket, beats Rahim on his reverse sweep and hits the pad. But surely that’s pitched outside leg. Lets wait for replays before making such calls. Oh yes, it’s pitched outside leg. And even going over the top of the stumps according to HawkEye. Rahim lbw b Shoaib Malik 12(15) 88/4

17.2 Amir to Shakib, out Bowled!! Shakib is absolutely furious here. Lucky he has a bat in hand and not a sword. Swings at the broken carcass of the timber. Then puts his hand up as an apology to the umpire. Walked across looking to play the lap shot but chose the absolute worst ball to do so. Amir darted in a yorker on leg-stump and took it down. Shakib b Amir 8(13)

19.1 Anwar Ali to Mahmudullah, FOUR, Mahmudullah whacks a full toss wide of long-on and takes off in celebration. He doesn’t have long to do so as his teammates are all over him. Bangladesh are through to the final. What a match.