Behadd Telefilm – Review!

Written by Kiran Akhter

When the teasers went on air, we all got an idea about the central idea around which the story would revolve. I have to confess, I was skeptic as to how Umera Ahmed and Nadia Jamil will pull it off. Would they be able to handle such a sensitive topic and still be able to make it a family drama.

Asim Raza, Umera Ahmed, Nadia Jamil….three hugely respected names in the industry. Whenever, anyone of these is associated with a drama, expectations naturally rise and when all three come together to work on a single play,….well, the expectations go sky high.

” BEHADD ” , the story deals with a sensitive issue, which we have seen on many occasions . The trick with such topics is the presentation, if it is not done tactfully, such plays could very easily become embarrassing to watch with your family. The writer and director deserve a lot of credit. The presentation was done so well, the telefilm became a family film.

The story deals with a number of issues that are considered to be taboos. Not only abuse but also a widow remarrying, specially if she has grown children. An older woman marrying a younger man. Even in today’s world, where most of us believe we have come a long way and everyone has the right to live his/her life, their own way; still things are not so easy for most people. Particularly those living in small towns. Even today if a widow wishes to remarry, it is considered as something immoral.

In our society, double standards for men and women are there in every field of life. It is not just acceptable for widowers to remarry rather it is something expected of them. The excuse is, they need someone to look after the household and their children, because it is the job of a woman. Men are suppose to earn, they cannot be expected to perform all these tasks. But if a widow expresses a desire to remarry, she immediately becomes an outcast. When Maha’s classmate’s mother remarries, everyone at her school is gossiping about it, it’s considered as down right scandalous.

Umera has taken, what seemed like an ordinary story and had made it so much interesting to watch. The issues discussed were very serious but the dialogues have kept the mood light. The conversations between Jamal- Masooma and Jamal and the potential bride to be were kept very real, entertaining and light. It made the film very easy to watch. Otherwise it could have become, very serious and the entertainment factor could completely have been lost. Jamal and Massoma’s interaction with each other was so frank and so much fun to watch, the innocence was there throughout even after they were engaged and that is not as easy to show as Asim made it appear To be.

One thing that I always love about Umera’s dramas/ telefilms is her strong characterization . Her characters are real, the people you come across everyday and their interaction with each other is also kept realistic . Masoomo, is a widow and her life revolves around her 15 year old daughter, she is extremely protective of her and her poverty protectiveness has made Maha over possessive about her mother.

We have all seen parents becoming possessive about their kids, once they are all grown up and are living independtly. It was something new, watching a girl becoming so possessive of her mother that she would loose the sense of right and wrong and would go this far. Again, credit should be given to Umera and Asim for keeping it so watchable that there were no embarrassing situations and they were able to discuss the issue.

Coming to the performances, the cast selection was brilliant. Everybody did a fabulous job. Fawad Khan delivered a mature performance, it was his first time portraying the role of a father figure to a teenage girl and he proved he was the perfect choice for the role. The girl portraying Maha, deserves a round of applause. The psyche off a girl who is not willing to share her mother and believes she has every right to do whatever she believes is necessary to have her could would not have been easy but Sajjal did it effortlessly. The innocence was there, the guilty conscience and finally the confession. We will be seeing great things from this girl in the years to come.

And finally Nadia Jamil. She is an actress who is truly a versatile artist, she done not need to be on eye ur TV screen all the time but whenever she comes, she comes with a bang. The role of a working woman, who is a single parent, extremely over protective then falling in love and telling your daughter about it. Going through a mother’s worst possible nightmare and then finding out the actual truth…, amazing expressions, out standing body language and superb dialogue delivery. This is what acting is all about. Nadia made Masooma a character to watch. If it had been anyone else doing this role, then Masooma would be a very average character.

So, if you still haven’t seen this telefilm, I suggest you do it this weekend and don’t worry, you can watch it with your family, no issues on that front. Umera, Asim, Nadia and Fawad…so glad our industry has gems like you.

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