Big Boss of India boring without Lollywood

Big Boss of India will only get interesting if they add Pakistani actors on their show. It is really boring to see the same old television actress on Big Boss. There was more masala when Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish was on Big Boss season 4. Ever since Veena Malik got incredible fame, no other Pakistani actor or star was allowed near Big Boss.

Watching Big Boss 5 and 6 was no different, as both Jyoti Parmar and Urvashi Dholakia looks like lost sisters or twins! Seriously the resemblance is scary!

Season 6 is a Déjà vu of season 5! All in all, the whole show for the past 2 years was BORING! Imagine if they had Meera, Nirma or Laila on Big Boss! Those women are superstars in Pakistan, maybe never known in India, but they would have brought some talent on the screen! They would have danced, acted and enchanted the public of India! Alas, when will India understand that without the Pakistani Masala most of their reality shows are a big BORING!