Bigg Boss 7: TRPs ka superhit formula – Starting 15th September

Salman Khan is back in a brand new avatar with Bigg Boss 7 (Saath) and we like the star’s angel and devil avatars. But we do wish the house would give us something new this time around, apart from the brand new commercials, of course.
From a tentative inmate list doing the rounds, we found a few characters we’ve seen before in the Bigg Boss house over the last few seasons. And that, sadly, makes Bigg Boss season 7 a story of same old, same old! Sigh…The interiors of the Bigg Boss house may change with the season, as have the hosts – from Arshad Warsi to Shilpa Shetty (now Kundra), Amitabh Bachchan and the most popular of them all, Salman Khan. We have seen Sallu find a co-host in buddy Sanjay Dutt and play the bhai on TV. But what new stuff does this house have for us in season 7? Or will it be the terrible tale of been there, done it all, with the same old controversies, sleaze factor, faux romance, fist fights, breakups and even a wedding?

With the projected cast of likely characters that we have heard of as contestants in the house this time, we are not quite sure whether the show will keep us interested…apart from the masti of Salman vs Salman, that is!

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