Bigg Boss 7, Shilpa’s wild reaction on Apurva’s haircut – Drama for Footage or Real anger?

Bigg Boss Day 17 – Shlipa began to react wildly and threw things around in the Bigg Boss house after seeing Apurva’s hair cut on the TV screen. She started shouting and running around the house with anger and was even crying in the bathroom. Gauhar was trying to control her.

When Apurva and Sangram came out of the lab, everyone was appreciating their sportiness and complimenting them for their new look. Shlipa was seen crying relentlessly after seeing Apurva’s hair, but after some brave words from Apurva, Shilpa tried to control herself and even said that he looks cool with the new look.

Shilpa’s wild reaction on Apurva’s haircut – Was it a drama created by Shilpa for Footage or was it her Real anger?
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