Armeena Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, and Bilal Ashraf are part of the movie Janaan which has been taken up by Reham Khan. The movie is expected to not only win hearts of fans but also transform the Pashto movie industry. The stars mentioned above talked about the movie and their experience giving an insight to the fans.

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Areema Khan explained her experience in the following words, “My character is a multifaceted one. I can’t give away the name of it just yet. She is a happy go lucky girl; an extrovert with a natural curiosity for things and life. She is a mixture of eastern and western values. She’s loud, uninhibited, and not afraid to speak her mind. She’s your regular Canadian/Pakhtoon girl with aspirations and dreams. Although I’m not loud, but I can identify with various aspects of her personality. I’m actually Pakistani/Canadian myself and exhibit both eastern and western values. I had fun playing her and working with the whole team!”

Ali Rehman Khan explained his side like this “Janaan was undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had. We have an incredibly talented team and we’ve all really put our efforts into it, we shot consecutively for twenty five hours. It’s been super crazy, but sort of rewarding. The crew was very motivating and professional, so we had a very comfortable environment to work in. The director, Azfar is amazing and I’d love to work with him again if given the opportunity. It has been a fun journey and it’ll really be a product of love. As far as my character is concerned, I play a Pathan boy who has grown up in a very liberal house hold. Even though he has his routes in Swat, he’s a cool city boy and a big ‘dil phenkh,’ but also the kind of guy who is very sure of himself and knows what he wants. It’s definitely not your run of the mill, one dimensional character and it was a lot of fun playing him. I enjoyed pushing the boundaries with this role and I hope people will connect with the character and enjoy the film!”

Bilal Ashraf said the following, “It’s been a wonderful experience. I have been super lucky to have worked with an amazing director like Azfar. The production team led by Imran Kazmi and Hareem Farooq were always extremely professional and helpful. I learnt a great deal from all these people. Osman Khalid Butt has written a beautiful script. I am playing the character of Asfandyar – a Pathan boy who is raised and brought up in Sawat. He has great family values and overall Janaan is a journey that will make you laugh and cry, but surely keep you highly entertained!”