Catching up with Falak Shabir

When singer Falak Shabir released his first hit single, Rog in 2008, music pundits took notice and said he had potential.
The music industry was flourishing with a plethora of artists going on air, but Falak didn’t get the attention he deserved. He quietly continued to make quality music and produce melodious singles. Tracks like Ijazat and Tera Sath Ho made it into the hearts of music lovers. However, his biggest break has come this year with three of his tracks taken for major banner Bollywood movies. These include, Sajna from I, Me Aur Main, Judai from I Love NY and Mera Mann from Nautanki Saala. He spoke about his Bollywood experiences, future plans and present music scene.
How do you define your musical journey?
It has been pretty amazing so far. Every song brings me new experiences and I think it’s a never-ending journey.

It has been reported that you have recorded songs for Indian movies. How did that happen?
The Almighty every now and then gives us a miracle to make our faith stronger. I see people struggling to get into Bollywood. But, it’s been a smooth ride for me, probably because true efforts always pay off. I’m the first Pakistani artist to be signed with record company T-series in a five-year contract.

How was the experience of working with the Bollywood movies like Nautanki Salaa, I, Me Aur Main and I Love NY?
Amazing and very professional! It’s a different world probably because of the size of the Bollywood industry. The team makes you feel right at home and the comfort level they provide is out of this world.

How has the response of your track Ijazat been?
This song has changed my career and driven it to a whole new direction for good. I have over five million hits on YouTube; it’s the highlight of my career to-date.

Your videos have had millions of hits. But, somehow you haven’t been covered by the media extensively. What’s the reason behind that?
I think it’s because unlike others, I do not like to show off. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Did you get to meet the stars of the movie?
Yes, all of them. Artists like John Abraham, Sunny Deol, Kangna Ranuat are all true professionals and down to earth. They enjoy and appreciate Pakistani music.

When is your new album coming out?
September this year, it will be launched worldwide by T-series from India.

Do you compose your own music?
Yes. I enjoy composing. It’s a challenge in itself.

What’s your take on the present music scene of Pakistan?
I’m happy to see new faces and talented musicians coming up in our music industry. Our music is likely to go global in the next five years.

How challenging is it to survive as an artist in Pakistan?
Because of the saturation of artists in the music scene, it is very challenging to survive as an artist in Pakistan. The initial funds for recordings and productions are a further challenge and lastly, Pakistani music channels do not have the strong viewership they had a decade ago.

Any plans of collaborations?
Yes. You might expect a huge collaboration in the next couple of years.