CAUGHT: Arman and Tanisha’s SHOCKING and DISGUSTING discussion

OMG.. Unbelievable live feed of Arman and Tanisha’s SHOCKING and DISGUSTING discussion caught on cam.

He says; Sometimes quick remedies can freshen off.
Tanisha says; You get it alone, but unfortunately your one hand is not functional
Arman says; Why we need hand for that ????
Then Tanisha says why we talk about stuff which we can’t do it here….

The uncensored video of Armaan & Tanisha, were they are having some cheap & double meaning talk, has been deleted from the official Colors official website.
It’s no longer available. They have also blocked this video from YouTube on copyright grounds. They are working as PR’s for Armaan & Tanisha. Fully biased & partial.

Bigg Boss does this to avoid exposing the real image of Tanisa , Armaan .. But We have the video with us.

The video comes as shocking blow to Kajol, Ajay and Family who had been trying hard to get Tanishaa out of the house for her recent escapades in the house. Here is an exclusive video!!
Have a look at the video and do post your comments!